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Location:New York (New York City), NY
Company:Caracol Language Cooperative/ Cooperativa de Lenguaje Caracol
First posted:July 12, 2018

Position Location: NYC or Remote
Caracol Language Coop. is looking to hire one provisional worker-owner for a full-time position as General Coordinator (we define full-time as 30 - 35 hours/week. The position requires availability between 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday only.) We are looking for potential worker-owners who are excited to join the growing cooperative networks, and utilize their logistics and coordination skills to foster language justice within the struggles for social justice in our communities. We are looking for candidates excited to commit to our cooperative for a minimum of 2 years.

We are strongly committed to our democratic cooperative values and our vision of language justice, and we will be looking for these values to be shared and upheld by all potential worker-owners.

About Us:
Caracol Language Coop. is a small worker-owned business led by Latina immigrant women. We offer high-quality language services in Spanish and English. These services include interpretation (spoken), translation (written), interpreter training, and consulting for building multilingual organizational capacity. We believe that language justice is central to social justice and view our work as intersectional. We prioritize work that is aimed at improving conditions for the LGBTQIGNC+, people of color and immigrant communities, which are so often marginalized. We have a list of clients that range from small community organizations to large unions, public schools and some city government agencies.

About the Position:
The General Coordinator is responsible for assessing and organizing the daily flow of job requests, allocating work accordingly and confirming with clients and worker-owners/collaborators. This position requires exceptional organizational skills that allow you to manage the fast pace of daily communications with all relevant parties, assign work based on multiple criteria and availability, considering multiple calendars, and under little supervision.

As a worker-owner, you will be required to attend and participate in the rotating facilitation of our general membership meetings, as well as work alongside other members of the operations team, and schedule meetings with other coop committees to ensure that all internal communications and work are lining up and flowing as seamlessly as possible.

Being a worker-owner of Caracol gives you:
Equal decision-making power as all other worker-owners
Opportunity to continue to shape the culture, structure and vision of a growing cooperative small business
Opportunity to participate in a national model for a women of color-led alternative economy
Access to professional development and networking opportunities as a member of The New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives and The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

While we would prefer for the person we hire to be based in New York City, this position can be held remotely, with consistent access to computer, reliable internet and cellphone communication.

General responsibilities include:
Central Hub Coordination
Manage the coops main hub for external and internal communication, mainly through email and text messages, but also through phone calls and video conferences.

Maintain interpretation, translation and training logs with attention to detail and track the amount of work assigned to each individual.

Maintain coop calendar, keep track of worker-owners/members availability, time off, changes in needs, and follow up on internal and external events and tasks.
Maintain online cloud storage documents organized and updated, in particular the Client List and our client contract database files.

Meet as a coordinator with other coop members individually, with committees, and with operations teammates as well as being consistently available to assist worker-owners/members in tasks that they are performing on their own or as part of committees, helping to look for information, answering questions, offering guidance, as the coordinator has access to most of the information handled in general terms by the coop, internally and externally.

Flag trends and emerging issues/questions to corresponding committees, individuals and the coop in general. Create and ask people/committees to take on creating internal documents to facilitate and formalize procedures.
Meet weekly or as needed with the operations team for general check-ins, project management, and troubleshooting.

Support the Client Coordinator with client negotiations, onboarding, and contracts as needed.

Provide worker-owners with an overview of workflow and updates on trends and/or flags regarding workflow upon request.
Direct incoming communications to corresponding committees for review and follow-up.

Scheduling and Client Communications
Schedule interpretation and translation services with clients, interpreters and translators, including sending confirmation emails for all jobs using the established format.
Generate quotes in conjunction with operations teammates, and put together proposals for multi-day and other events and projects (translations, transcriptions) according to clients requests.

Regularly conduct client calls to assess event needs, discuss project proposals, troubleshoot, and answer other various questions.

Support interpreters and translators on the job by answering questions and to troubleshoot challenges that may arise while dealing with clients, event participants, and co-workers via phone, text message and email.

Support professional growth and quality control by receiving feedback from clients, interpreters, translators, and editors.

Flag the need to develop procedures when new areas of work arise and need to be addressed, and communicate with respective committees to allocate that work.

Support with bookkeeping tasks, communication with bookkeeper and other people working on admin tasks, sharing information as needed.

Priority Qualifications:
Minimum of 3 years of experience in the administrative and operations department of an economically viable business that is socially minded, or knowledge of business administration and operations of a non-profit organization
High proficiency in English and Spanish, written and spoken
Prior proven success administering a business that includes managing dispatch and scheduling systems
The capacity to work in a fast-paced environment, from a remote workplace with little supervision
The capacity to respect procedures and follow through the process according to Caracol Coop provisions
Strong communication skills
Strong organizational skills
Ability to work as part of a team/in collaboration with fellow worker-owners
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, Google, and email communications. Experience with Quickbooks and Adobe are a plus.
Comfortable using a variety of phone and computer apps as communication tools - Whats App, Signal, SMS, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.

Desired Qualifications:
Demonstrated participation in grassroots social movements with developed political analysis and understanding of anti-racism, gender violence and international solidarity.
Demonstrated experience living and working in intercultural environments, with a clear understanding and ongoing analysis of systems of oppression such as capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and white supremacy.
Working knowledge of cooperative principles and structures of worker ownership.

Caracol is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and seeks to hire people regardless of their race, religion/creed, color, national origin, citizenship status, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, military status, victim of domestic violence status, marital status, past criminal history, disability or condition including HIV/AIDS. People of color, women, transgender and gender expansive people are highly encouraged to apply.

Position Details and Logistics:
Start Date: October 1st
Provisional Worker-Owner Status: 6-9 months
Hours for this Position: 30-35 hrs, between 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday only. These hours might be higher during peak season and onboarding phase.
Rate: $20.00 per hour
Expected Weekly Earnings: Estimated $600.00-$700.00 per week
Benefits: Equal decision-making power as all other worker-owners, membership and access to USFWC network trainings, and professional development opportunities.

How to apply:
Send a cover letter and resume to
The subject line of your email should be YOUR INITIALS + BILING COORD
Please include at least 3 references in your resume, 1 personal and 2 professional (provide emails and phone numbers).

Please answer the following in your cover letter:
What makes you a good candidate for this position?
What have been the focus areas of your work?
What do you think you can contribute to our cooperative business?

To apply, please e-mail your resume to .

To apply, please follow the instructions above.
Please mention
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