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School Psychologist SY 24-25

Baltimore City Public Schools
retirement plan
United States, Maryland, Baltimore
200 East North Avenue (Show on map)
June 20, 2024

Provides a wide range of psychological services within Baltimore City Public Schools. Consults with school staff, conducts formal school psychological evaluations of students for educational planning and placement as part of the IEP process, behavior management planning, and consultation with, or referral to, available resources in City Schools and the community. Provides program consultation, counseling, and intervention for students, and consultation with parents and staff. Provides services within the classroom setting to assist with prevention, intervention, and increase student achievement. Provide in-service training for teaching staff in areas of expertise related to school psychology.

Essential Functions

  • Directly provides assistance to teachers, administrators, and other staff members regarding academic engagement and achievement for all students by identifying learning barriers, suggesting appropriate academic interventions, monitoring effectiveness of interventions, developing student organizational skills, and promoting learning strategies within the classroom setting; promoting inclusive practices for improved academic success.
  • Provides training and workshops to school staff regarding areas specific to expertise such as child development, the exceptional child, understanding psychological testing, curriculum and instruction theory and implementation, behavioral management, positive behavior interventions, and other relevant topics.
  • Facilitates effective instructions by assisting in identification of instructional needs for the individual student and diverse learners and assisting in individualizing instruction within the classroom setting by working directly with teachers and students.
  • Assists teachers with classroom management by helping them develop classroom behavioral plans and work with IEP and SST teams to develop individual behavioral plans for specific students and conduct FBAs and develop BIPs with teachers and specialists to increase student participation and achievement within the inclusion setting, or program.
  • Measures and monitors student progress.
  • Supports positive behaviors and socially successful students by working with administrators, teachers and parents to promote students' positive interactions based on research-based, positive behavioral supports, and research-based prevention and intervention programs to support academic achievement.
  • Contributes to a healthy learning environment by working directly with administrators and staff regarding research-based prevention and intervention strategies within classroom management, promoting positive peer relationships, social problem solving, student wellness, reduced risk-taking, and increased student achievement. Work within the classroom setting to model and provide support to teaching staff to assist in implementation of programs.
  • Supports diverse learners by assessing learning and behavior needs (and considering issues related to family, culture, or language and learning style of disability) by working within the classroom setting to assist students directly in organizational skills, learning strategies, and study skills and provide direct feedback and information to teachers and other staff, as appropriate.
  • Actively participates on IEP teams, and other school-based teams, helping teams plan an appropriate IEP for students with disabilities including modifying and adapting curricula and instruction, adjusting classroom facilities and routine to promote student engagement, monitor and effectively communicate with parents about student progress, and coordinate links to community services.
  • Writes goals and objectives following City School requirements for IEPs and support teachers and students within the classroom through supplementary aids and services, as appropriate.
  • Works with administrators and teaching staff to create safe, positive school climates by recognizing that a positive school climate is a critical factor in student achievement and work with school leadership teams to design and evaluate evidence-based approaches addressing issues such as bullying prevention, student connectedness, family engagement, cultural responsiveness, academic engaged time on task, and crisis response.
  • Works to strengthen Family-school Partnerships through direct contact with caregivers at the school, in the community, and at home; recognize that students whose families are engaged in school experiences do better academically, socially and emotionally. Assist families in understanding how to support education; help them navigate the special education process, and connect with community service providers when necessary.
  • Works to improve high stakes assessment and outcomes by assisting schools with generating and interpreting student outcome data assist in recommending programs and interventions at the building, classroom and student level, monitor individual student progress in academics and behavior, and collect and analyze data on risk and protective factors related to student outcomes.
  • Performs and completes mandated services within timelines established by law, regulation, or policy including timely initiation of services for students, completing assessments and integrated psychological reports, progress reports and entering appropriate data and goals/objectives in the designated IEP or counseling online program. Monitor IEP caseload and IEP information online weekly. Submit other required paperwork and IEP team needs.
  • Consults with supervisory staff for psychological services regularly regarding assessment questions, counseling sessions, and other issues related to job tasks and performance.
  • Follows policies and procedures of City Schools with regard to attendance, punctuality, job requirements including checking email daily, and engage in continuing professional development required by the position and ethical requirements of the profession.
  • Performs and promotes all activities in compliance with equal employment and non-discrimination policies; follows federal laws, state laws, school board policies and the professional standards.

Maximum Salary


Minimum Salary


Desired Qualifications

  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) issued by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Certification Board, preferred but not required.
  • Eligible for Maryland State certification as a School Psychologist (COMAR 13A.12.03.08 (2).
  • Thorough knowledge of preschool, child and adolescent development, special populations, special education, social and cultural bases of behavior, instructional design, and the organization and operation of schools.
  • Knowledge of, and experience administering, individual assessments of children in the cognitive areas, adaptive cognitive functioning, social, emotional and behavioral functioning, educational achievement, functional behavior and the creation of behavior intervention plans, response to intervention (RTI) and curriculum based assessment/measurement.
  • Excellent skills in communicating through writing including formal psychological reports, student progress reports, and case notes.
  • Excellent skills in prevention, intervention, and problem solving in consultation and within the inclusive environment.
  • Knowledge of counseling skills, techniques, and programs - individual, group and classroom-based.
  • Knowledge of classroom organization and management of behavior and able to work within the inclusive setting and specialized programs.
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws, rules and regulations as they apply to schools and special education.
  • Knowledge of ethics as applied to the practice of school psychology.
  • Knowledge of measurement, statistics, research, and evaluation methods needed for integrated understanding of test results used in writing reports and explaining results of assessment and data to teachers and parents.
  • Ability to work well with students, parents, and staff.
  • Ability to use technical computer applications, e.g., the Internet and Microsoft Office, Excel and Power Point applications.

Full time or Part time

Full time

Additional Details

Qualified candidates for the above position must submit the following:

  • Completed online application
  • Resume that clearly demonstrates the above minimum qualifications. It is important that you include all experiences and education related to the position to which you are applying.
  • Upload copies of all transcripts -undergraduate, graduate
  • Upload copy of Psychologist certificate issued by the National Association of School Psychology Certification Board
  • Must provide three (3) professional references to include: name, title, business address, e-mail address and phone number
  • All documentation/certification necessary (scanned copies accepted) to substantiate minimum qualifications; must be uploaded into application

Benefits -- This position is eligible for benefits. To review the available options please see the information relevant to the union for this position by viewing the following link: http://www.baltimorecityschools.org

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Baltimore City Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry or national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or age in its employment, programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups. For inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies, please contact Equal Opportunity Manager, Title IX Coordinator Equal Employment Opportunity and Title IX Compliance Office 200 E. North Avenue, Room 208 Baltimore, MD 21202; 410-396-8542 (phone); 410-396-2955 (fax).

This position is affiliated with the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) bargaining union.

This position is affiliated with the State Retirement Plan.

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